Six Questions with the founders of Rigs and Coffee.

Jacob Feuerman and David Beas. Photo courtesy Rigs and Coffee.

Started in 2018 by David Beas and Jacob Feuerman, Rigs and Coffee was founded on the belief that outdoors, community, and a passion can create a movement. Their goal is to cultivate community through connecting people with a shared passion for adventure, exploration, and the off-road industry. Rigs & Coffee started as a small group of enthusiast meeting for coffee. They are now a rapidly growing community that hosts events, trainings, trips, and clean ups in 6 cities, with more on the way in 2020.

David and Jacob made their first trip to Montana last July in conjunction with RecCon Montana in Missoula and in advance of RecCon 2020, we thought this would be a great chance to get to know them a little better.

Overland Montana:  Tell us about yourselves.

David Beas:   Hmm, at the core, I am just a guy looking to have a good time with good people. That might be on the trail, at a meet, or at a brewery (I love beer). We only get one life so I live with the idea the focus of experiencing as much as possible in the minimal years I have. That might sound a little depressing but it isn’t; it makes me live every moment to the fullest and never turn down the opportunity for adventure. 

Jacob Feuerman:  I grew up in a family of outdoorsy people. We would camp every opportunity we could, which naturally led to my own adult life revolving around being outdoors. My perfect day includes a cup of coffee, taking a hike with the dog, and wrapping up with some work on a vehicle and a BBQ with family and friends. I believe in pushing myself to my limits through extreme sports, and making sure I’m living my life to the fullest while having as much fun as possible. 

OMT:  How did you get started in overlanding/off roading?

DB:  I have always been into cars, trucks, and anything fast enough to do something stupid in. It was actually my wife that got me into camping. So, naturally, when I learned about overlanding, it brought together two passions and I have been hooked since.

JF:  I first learned about touring during college while I was backpacking through the east coast of Australia. Having car camped most of my life, touring felt like the perfect combination of my love of camping, and my love of vehicles—with a more extreme twist. Since then, I jumped right into the overlanding community, learning as much as I could through education, training and experimenting on my own vehicle. 

OMT:  What inspired you to start Rigs and Coffee?

DB:  Jacob! It was he who reached out looking for people to help manage and grow the organization. I was looking for something to get involved in and with my passion for the outdoors and vehicles this was a perfect opportunity. 

JF:  I’ve always loved being involved in the community. I’m passionate about bringing people together and getting everyone outdoors to share in the enjoyment. This led me to send out a message to see if others wanted to meet up for coffee and talk about trips and experiences. To my surprise, it resulted in a large turnout and just kept growing. Along the way, I met David and we kept expanding, with the central idea of meeting the desires of the community and providing a space to share and learn together. 

OMT:  What has been your favorite journey?

DB:  The trip to RecCon last year was pretty amazing. Overlanding through several states including an off-road trail in Philipsburg provided amazing beauty. We spent time off-road in Nevada, camping in Utah, and waking up next to the Bitterroot and Rock Creek rivers for 5 days is incomparable. I even got to go off-road to go around an accident on the 15 on my way back home. Hard to argue with that trip; the fun never stopped. 

JF:  That’s hard to choose! But last year’s trip from Southern California to Missoula is definitely at the top of the list. Our first night in Montana we drove into camp around 4am and woke up at one of the most scenic fly fishing spots I’ve ever come across. During the trip we were able to work with RecCon Montana and the Montana Outdoors Foundation, and were fortunate enough to be part of the first RecCon Montana event. The trip involved everything I love—amazing trails, amazing people, and lots of learning. 

OMT:  What surprised you about your first trip to Montana?

DB:  The absolute beauty it provides. Until you’ve been, no description will prepare you for what you will see. Last year’s RecCon trip was my second time to Missoula and provided me the opportunity to meet the people, and the beer…amazing on both accounts. 

JF:  I was blown away by the incredible landscapes the state has to offer. The pristine backcountry with rivers and mountains was like nothing I’d seen before. After that first trip, I’ve made a point to try and make it back to Montana whenever possible. 

Photo courtesy Rigs and Coffee.

OMT:  What are you most looking forward to in the next year?

DB:  More adventure, new friends, and more great beer (it really is part of my travel). We are continuing the expansion of R&C this year with the goal of nearly doubling in locations. It is a challenge and one we are confronting with total excitement. I can’t wait to see what our community will look like at the end of the year, where we will have traveled, and what our plans are for 2021. 

JF:  I’m excited to be able to spend more time in the Montana backcountry while working with Montana companies to grow the overland community. 2020 will bring more Montana Rigs and Coffee locations, and others across the country. It’s going to be a year of exploration and change! 

A big thank you to David and Jacob for sitting down to be our first interview for the “Six Questions” series.  We’re excited to see them back in Montana this summer at RecCon and looking forward to heading out on some back road adventures with them while they’re here.  

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Overland Montana was founded in 2017 by Jeff Wright and Peter Kearns for the expressed purpose of getting people stoked on vehicle based adventure travel in Montana and around the Western US.  They’ll be presenting “Six Questions” in collaboration with the Montana Outdoors Foundation on the RecCon Montana site.  Follow them @overland_montana.

Important Announcement


This will likely not come as a surprise, but it’s news that we are certainly sad to announce: we are going to postpone RecCon Montana until the weekend of 

July 9th, 2022.

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